Workouts for kids start at Next Level Power Club

Workouts for kids will start at Next Level Power Club* as of July 1, 2021.

All girls and boys aged 8 to 14 are welcome to play sports, have fun together and make new friends. Our smiling instructors have prepared interesting and engaging activities in the classes of general physical training and boxing, which will make them break away from the screens and get out of the online reality which they were trapped in during the past school year.

For active parents, training is always associated with some tension, as it requires strict adherence to the schedule and commitments of children. Now they can rest assured that they should not rush because they can train with their kids in the same place at the same time. This, among all, saves time. An additional convenience is the adjacent parking lot of The Mall, which allows a free stay within 2 hours.

Why general physical training and boxing

Children spent most of the past school year static, in front of the screen and with limited opportunities for sports and full personal communication. Even physical education classes were held online, which practically deprived kids of minimal activity. This had an extremely serious effect on both their physical and emotional state and contributed to significant deficits in communication and motivation.

On the other hand, pupils face the challenge of carrying a heavy backpack every day. By standard, it should be not more than 10% of the child’s weight, which means an average of 3-4 kg. Unfortunately, the weight of textbooks and handbooks often reaches 6-7 kg and even more, which is impossible for the fragile child’s physique and leads to distortion of posture and deformities in gait.
That is why we chose to start training for children in Next Level Power Club* with general physical training and boxing classes. Our goal is to return children’s habits for movement and to help them adopt the movement is health philosophy. They are suitable for both girls and boys ageа 8 to 14.

In the general physical training groups, we work in the first place to build a harmonious physique, flexibility, coordination and endurance in a friendly atmosphere and with a lot of laughter. In parallel, qualities such as self-discipline, will, self-control, self-confidence develop. Children take part in fun and engaging group trainings, which also develop their social skills. The activities are suitable for both beginners and advanced.

Boxing training is a little more intense. One of the oldest sports in the world, boxing teaches discipline, hardens the will, and improves physical qualities. Children will become stronger, more resilient, more coordinated and at the same time get rid of the negative energy accumulated. The high intensity of work also helps to develop and strengthen their cardiovascular, respiratory, and nervous systems. These are all qualities that every parent strives to develop in their child.

We start on July 1 at Next Level Power Club*.

We are expecting you!

* Next Level Power Club is in the European Trade Center, Building “C” (1784 Mihail Tenev Str.).