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The professional body analysis service offered at selected clubs is carried out by special body composition analysis machines. The results will give you a clear picture of the progress you’re making – whether you’ve reduced body fat or gained muscle mass.

Measurements are very accurate, thanks to dual or multi-frequency body impedance analysis (BIA) technology. Bioimpedance measurement is performed by passing a safe weak electrical current through the body through electrodes placed on the skin of the hands and feet. The sensors then record the body’s electrical properties, allowing the system to calculate parameters such as body mass, fat tissue, muscle mass, bone mass, water content and more.

Price: 2 BGN

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How long does it take to get results?

The measurement itself takes less than a minute. The process is easy, with the device guiding you step by step. To do this, you need to download the application that connects to the device. After that, your results are saved in it, so you can follow your progress based on the measurement made.

How to prepare for body analysis?

  • We recommend not eating or drinking for 2 hours before measurement
  • It is not recommended to exercise before measuring
  • We recommend scheduling repeated measurements at the same time and under the same conditions

When and for whom is the service not suitable?

  • During menstruation (the result may be skewed)
  • Measurement is not recommended at all during pregnancy, especially the first trimester
  • In the case of metal implants
  • If a pacemaker or other electronic device is installed

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