Ethics in Next Level Clubs

How to behave in the gym

Please follow these guidelines to make your workout more enjoyable for yourself and others

  1. Use always clean sportwear for your training.
  2. Wear only safe, proper and clean sport shoes.
  3. Adhere to the basics of hygiene and always put the towel under you while you training.
  4. Don’t bring sport bags or rucksacks to the gym.
  5. Put back all equipment (weight plates, gymballs, dumbells, etc) onto the racks or in their place after the last set.
  6. Don’t disturb other people by throwing equipment to the ground or shouting accross the gym.
  7. Don’t occupy the machine, or any space longer than necessary, so that other people can use it as well.
  8. Always sit or lie on your towel during training, and wipe equipment with disposable tissues and desinfectant after use.
  9. Be kind to each other and make your phone calls outside of the workout area.
  10. Consumption of food and alcoholic beverages is forbidden inside gym.
  11. Don‘t enter to the studio during classes.
  12. Keep the gym clean and tidy.


More information can be found in the visitors’ rules on the page