Frequently asked questions

General questions

  • 01Is there an age restriction?

    To do sports at Next Level you must be at least 14 years of age.

  • 02What I have to know before I come to the gym?

    Next Level would like all the visitors of the club to feel comfortable. For this reason, every visitor is required to wear sport clothes, clean shoes, and towel for his workout.

  • 03Should I reserve my workout with a fitness instructor in advance?

    Yes, it is recommended to arrange a preliminary appointment with the fitness instructor. Personal trainings with our instructors are not included in memberships so you need to pay additionally for their service.

  • 04Should I reserve a place for group classes in advance?

    Yes, attendance in group activities is limited, so we recommend that you book your attendance in advance. You can do this on our website or app.

Memberships and other services

  • 05What is the cost of Next Level membership?

    Our memberships allow you to train at each of our Next Level fitness clubs. For more information, please visit the PRICES menu on our website.

  • 06Should I have a MultiSport card to visit Next Level?

    You can visit Next Level if you have a MultiSport card. However, it is not necessary to have such a card in order to visit our clubs.

  • 07Can I have a free visit?

    Yes, you can ask for your first free of charge visit at the reception or even book it online. Remember, you can only take advantage of this opportunity once.

  • 08Are there any additional fees besides the monthly subscription?

    You do not owe additional charges when you initially buy a membership. After the expiration of your monthly membership, you have 7 days for renewal.

  • 09Do you offer group classes?

    Yes! Please visit the menu MORE for more information about group classes and the menu SCHEDULE if you want to book a particular class.

  • 10Can I buy a membership online?

    Yes, you can through our website or mobile app.