Look at this month as an opportunity to prepare yourself for the following months. There are going to be following months the moment you realize that results are visible. You get access to highly equiped fitness club with cardio zonе, functional training zone and sauna(depending on the club) and access to our online video workouts platform.

Services in the price

Club Knyazhevo

The club is located in the Knyqzhevo district at bul. Tsar Boris 3, 272. Here you will want first-class equipment from Technogym, areas for different types of training, as well as a relaxation area and a sauna.

The fitness club meets the needs of people who have little or no experience and those who want to take their training to the next level.

Next Level offers a variety of fitness possibilites as well as individual training with fitness trainers.


  • Sauna


  • Balance tools
  • Dumbbells
  • Fitness machines
  • Gums, ropes, plyometric boxes
  • Squat construction
  • Steppers, ellipticaly, stairs
  • Stretching zone
  • Treadmills, rowing machines, airbike