Enjoy a massage in Next Level The Mall 

Did you know that massage as a curative and preventive tool is as old as humanity? Today, with the advancement of science, it not only does not get old, but on the contrary, it is increasingly developed and upgraded on the basis of old healing traditions in combination with the scientific achievements of neurophysiology. 

What is massage? 

Massage is a therapy that has no side effects – it does not intoxicate, does not cause allergies, does not lead to habituation and dependence, etc. It should not be taken as alternative medicine, but as part of physical medicine. 

Massager Ivo Velinov will be at your disposal in our hall in The Mall. He is a certified kinesitherapist, studied at the Vasil Levski National Sports Academy, and then specialized in Germany, Turkey, Greece and Australia. 

Velinov has extensive experience in the field of kinesitherapy and physiotherapy. He has worked for the National Football Team, the Marek-Dupnitsa Football Team, personal athletes and sports enthusiasts. He has also worked and still works with people of different age groups. 

You can make an appointment for a massage with him in his schedule at The Mall gym reception or by phone. In addition to three types of massage – classic, deep tissue and sports, with the option of 30- or 60-min. duration, Velinov will also offer our clients various kinesitherapeutic techniques. 

What is kinesitherapy? 

Physical therapy also includes kinesitherapy. In turn, it is divided into active and passive kinesitherapy. In the active case, the client performs the movement himself – gymnastic exercises, underwater gymnastics, training in walking, field therapy, standing training in correct posture, etc., while in the passive case, treatment is applied through movement on the client – therapeutic massage, manual therapy, extension therapy, passive movements etc. 

Under the influence of dosed mechanical irritation in the body, various reactions occur. 

The most immediate, the most elementary reaction is the local mechanical action – distribution of tissue fluids – swelling, stretching of the skin, for example, smoothing of cicatrices, squeezing, etc. 

The main action is reflex, i.e. the receptor apparatus receives the irritation and sends impulses along the afferent pathways to the CNS. From there, a response is received along the efferent nerve pathways both to the tissues that have been treated, and to other distant locations, connected by the nerve pathway to the treated areas and giving a specific reaction – a response to irritation. For example, under the influence of the massage, the skin reddens reflexively, the muscles are toned or relaxed depending on the technique, but within a given segment, a certain internal organ is also affected, mainly the CNS. 

What is the beneficial effect of massage and kinesitherapy for the body? 

Massage has a beneficial effect on the skin, lymphatic system, circulatory system, skeletal muscles, joints and surrounding tissues, nervous system. 

Of course, the combination of massage with good kinesitherapy gives an exceptional result on the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system of a person. 

Book your massage appointment by phone: 0879 419 312.