9 benefits from stretching exercise

We can’t deny all the benefits from stretching exercises both for relaxation and pumping up the muscles. In the following lines, we share 9 of them with you and remind you that you can now try a stretching class with us every Saturday – 6 p.m., and Sunday – 7 p.m., in Bulgaria Mall. 

Let’s get starting! 

Improves flexibility 

Regular muscle stretching improves your flexibility and overall tone. As a result, you easily take on the stresses of daily activities and slow down the aging of bones, joints and muscles. 

Allows more movements to be performed 

Being able to move your joints to their full potential gives freedom and finesse to your movements. This is visible both in your everyday life and during training. 

Improves your performance during physical activity 

Dynamic stretching before other physical activity as a type of warm-up prepares your muscles and joints for the pressure to come. Don’t miss it. 

Increases blood flow to your muscles 

Regular stretching exercises improve circulation. This, in turn, reduces recovery time and periods of muscle soreness. 

It improves your posture 

Muscle imbalances are a common cause of problems with proper posture. The combination of strength and stretching exercises will help you increase your strength and improve your whole-body posture. 

Helps treat and relieve back pain 

Always stretch after a workout. Otherwise, you risk pain in various parts of the body, the key of which is the back. A stretching routine prevents such discomfort. 

It relieves stress 

With high levels of stress in the body, muscles usually tighten. This is a natural protective reaction of the body. When stretching, focus on high-stress areas such as the neck, shoulders, and upper back. You will immediately feel relief. 

Calms the mind 

Regular stretching activities can also be perceived as a form of meditation and exercises for introspection and relaxation. Try to give your mind a break at least for a while. 

Relieves headache 

Tension and stress headaches can have a negative impact on your life. Along with a proper diet, good hydration and rest, stretching relieves headaches. 


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