February – Escape from depression

February Depression

Ani Vladimirova is consultant and psychologist of the initiative. She is adamant that isolation and stress which it causes, together with the impossibility of good physical activity, suppress the immune system and cause depression.

“Therefore, any workout that speeds up the heart rate and increases respiratory capacity allows us to clear the biochemistry of stress and free up any organ and system for optimal functioning. Group training has a positive effect, due to several main factors: on the one hand, we feel part of a group, which is related to our very important need to belong, to be accepted. This gives peace of mind and a sense of coping. Mirror neurons are also activated in the processes of synchronicity, regardless of whether we dance or perform the same exercises together. Through them we learn, connect, develop and become a better version of ourselves. All this gives us a feeling of completeness, and if we return to biochemistry – this gives us proper levels of serotonin and dopamine which are crucial for our good emotional background.” the psychologist says. She adds that when we have cleared the body of the toxicity of stress and have experienced the joy of our success in the gym, we can focus better, remember better and be more creative.
If we do not take advantage of all the benefits that sport brings to our physique and psyche, “the carousel of stress only makes us defend ourselves and not see the details and opportunities.”
“In addition, we need perseverance and consistency. They lead to much more success than if we only rely on gifts or talent. In this sense, sport is the best investment in terms of our health, our business and finances, and our relationships,” the psychologist adds.
“Beautiful mind in a beautiful body” will develop in two stages. In the first, through an online-based platform, people will be able to build their profile, learn more about their status and find out the best program for them. In the second phase, they will receive personal attitude in all Next Level gyms and will be motivated to improve their results and not give up.
Those who fill out the survey will receive a free training from the program suitable for them. The range of opportunities Next Level offers is wide enough. With us you can find various group workouts, both Les Mills and the classic yoga, zumba, belly dance, kangoo jumps. You can also take advantage of the opportunities for individual training with a certified fitness instructor.
In addition, they have the chance to win an individual online session with a specialist from Ani Vladimirova’s team for additional support and personal guidance. There are also online seminars and live events that will take place as soon as the situation allows.
The platform is expected to start operating in February.
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