EASY /Monthly/

Subscription with a minimum duration of 2 and a maximum of 12 months, which gives you complete freedom without commitment.

Price (incl. VAT)

99 BGN


EASY is for you if you like to keep everything under your control. In order not to queue, you can buy it ONLY ONLINE. Its duration is a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 12 months, and you can stop any time, and if you need you can freeze it once in 1 month. With it you get:

  • Excellent price
  • Unlimited access to all our fitness clubs
  • Cardio zones
  • Functional training areas
  • Sauna
  • Visits to our group activities (1 per day)
  • Access to our online platform with video training

You can EASILY use it even on weekends if you had a tough Friday night, and need to compensate.

You terminate at any time with or without notice in case you stop paying your monthly installments we will terminate your contract.

Services in the price

Include 13 clubs

  • Bulgaria Mall
  • Druzhba
  • Galaxy
  • Knyazhevo
  • Lozenets
  • Lyulin
  • Mladost
  • NDK
  • Ovcha Kupel
  • Park Center
  • Sportbox
  • The Mall
  • Zaimov


  • Sauna
  • Steam bath

Group classes

  • Included in membership


  • Balance tools
  • Boxing ring
  • Dumbbells
  • Fitness machines
  • Functional zone
  • Gums, ropes, plyometric boxes
  • Powerlifting
  • Punching bags
  • Squat construction
  • Steppers, ellipticaly, stairs
  • Stretching zone
  • Treadmills, rowing machines, airbike
  • TRX, kettlebells, bags, expanders
  • Workout construction and trapezes