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Summer is here! And it brings you lower prices, outdoor workouts and lots of surprises

This summer you can take advantage of sharing a PLATINUM membership with a friend, a relative, a partner.


20 good reasons to be more active

Doing sports is a way of life for some people and uncomfortable topic for so many others. If you belong to the latest and have never realised how importat it is to be active throughout your day, Next Level gives you 20 good reasons to do so.


Our memberships have new names and more advantages

The beginning of 2019 brings improvements and new opportunities. In order to meet your needs and give you better workouts, we introduce our new memberships.


Free workouts from Les Mills system in the Next Level Sport Box

From January 2019 Next Level will introduce the world-renowned system of innovative group classes Les Mills. The first two types of workouts that will motivate you to move more and achieve better results are BODYPUMP and CXWORX.


Next Level Sport Box has opened

The next two Next Level fitness clubs will be located in the Mplaza business building (32 Atanas Dukov Str.) and right next to the National Palace of Culture. They are due to be opened soon.